“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” ~ -Stephen King, “The Shining”

January brings the new year, resolutions and National Hobby Month. Together they make a great opportunity to kick off or expand your interest in a hobby. Maybe you would like to take up knitting, creating model railroads, reading, or tying fishing lures. Some people enjoy video games or assembling jigsaw puzzles, others enjoy collecting stamps, coins, matchbooks, or license plates.  Take up that guitar, learn those card tricks, or learn to juggle, make reading your hobby.

If you need ideas or help learning something new, the library can help. Swing by and let us help find a book or video on the topic. If we don’t have it on our shelves, we can order it. Don’t have a library card? You can get one for free, no hassle. Stop by today – and make this year the year you play!