“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” —Jim Rohn

Gotcha! It’s Get Caught Reading Month and you, yes you, are caught reading this little article. Thank you for participating in the national campaign to promote the importance of reading—any kind of reading. Of course, as libraries, we would really like you to read some of the fantastic stuff we have on the shelves. And, as libraries, we know that all reading is good and celebrate your efforts with paper, digital, and audio reading. It’s all good. Get Caught Reading Month in May is all about reading books and raising awareness regarding the advantages of indulging in literature. The genres of books you read might include fiction, nonfiction, history, romance, fables — the options are unlimited. Children’s reading skills blossom when they spend some time every day reading physical books. Actual reading is a vital component of child development. Your local library is sure to have something you or the children in your life will enjoy. While you are there, check into the upcoming summer reading program. Your library has fun programs and reading incentive challenges to prevent the summer learning slide. Everything is free with your library card.

“Reading one book is like eating one potato chip.” —Diane Duane