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Front Back First: A Previewing Blog

So the warning here is that I'm experimenting with previewing these recent arrivals based on the front and back cover and the first chapter ... but realistically, that's probably what most professional book reviewers do as well ...

Bring Me Back

Where can I put pictures?

Four views of the Dresser Village Library exterior:

1. The Side View (main wall for "street art")

2. The "Near Rear" (right around the corner)

3. The "Far Rear" (actually back exterior wall of the adjoining Village garage/storage space)

4. The Shack


DVD Balderdash .. Example 2

DvD Baklderdash (Example 2)

Balderdash 1 page here.

Twilight question


Here's the set-up scene:

DVD Balderdash

I'm working on a game to introduce groups to our DVD collection (and to have fun).  

It's based on the game Balderdash.  I'll introduce a scene (from a movie in the Dresser Library collection) and frame it with a question about what is said (or happens next).