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Where can I put pictures?

Four views of the Dresser Village Library exterior:

1. The Side View (main wall for "street art")

2. The "Near Rear" (right around the corner)

3. The "Far Rear" (actually back exterior wall of the adjoining Village garage/storage space)

4. The Shack


DVD Balderdash .. Example 2

DvD Baklderdash (Example 2)

Balderdash 1 page here.

Twilight question


Here's the set-up scene:

DVD Balderdash

I'm working on a game to introduce groups to our DVD collection (and to have fun).  

It's based on the game Balderdash.  I'll introduce a scene (from a movie in the Dresser Library collection) and frame it with a question about what is said (or happens next).