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The Surprise Attack of Jabba The Puppet

by Tom Angelberger


Cowboy Bebop Seasons 1-6



Alcatraz Vs The Evil Librarians: Scrivner's Bones

by Brandon sanderson


Futurama Seasons 1-4


Alcatraz Vs The Evil Librarians: The Knights of Crystalia

by Brandon sanderson


Prime Suspect Season 4-7


New Moon (Graphic Novel)

by Stephanie Meyer


South Park Season 1 & 3


The Magic Tree House: Shadow of the Shark (#53)

by Mary Pope Osborne




Eyes on the Goal

by John Coy


Boyz n the Hood / Baby Boy


Curse of a Winter Moon

by Mary Casanova


Kingsman the Secret Service


The Dragon's of Blue Land

Ruth Style Gannett


Vacation (2015)